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If you ever wanted a John Steinbeck character to crawl from his novel and take up the life of a travelling musician, then Jack Klatt is your man.

I’m honestly at a loss. This man is amazing. His growling baritone. His amazing writing. His ability to remake old songs. The expert of the musicians. The growling trumpet so aptly placed in most of the songs. It’s all perfection.

It’s been ages since I’ve been so smitten with a new musician. Every couple months I look to see if he has a new album, and when he doesn’t I swear and hope for next time. I can only hope others catch onto his brilliance, because I want him to be able to dedicate his life to making amazing music, and making it available for me to purchase! He could be my next Warren Zevon, my next Mountain Goats. I just need more than 10 songs! Please Jack Klatt?

This album really has it all. Alt-country, folk, blues. From up tempo songs about losing it on wall street to tender songs of love and life. I’d highlight my favorite songs if every song wasn’t my favorite. If you like folk, any kind of folk, go listen to Jack Klatt. Right now.

What to Expect?

The best damn folk/blues you’ve ever experienced. Why haven’t you bought his album yet?

What to Take Away?

Jack Klatt and the Cat Swingers is an amazing band. It’s pure bliss.

What Drink to Pair it With?

Best would be some homemade wine or moonshine, but I don’t have any of that around. In lieu of that I’d have to say bourbon, straight up.

Favorite Song?

Oh man. This could turn into a bloody death match. There’s something about “Ruckus on Wallstreet” that’s just so seductive. Once that song starts I just have to listen to the whole album. “Sweet Maureen” is also amazing, and the line “she screws like a bullet coming out of a gun” is among the best I’ve ever heard. “Anywhere I Go” is slow, sentimental, soulful, and generally not the type of song I’d lose it for. And yet it’s one of my favorites from the album. It’s just so beautiful. The other seven songs on the album tie for second place.


Klatt is certainly an addition to the folk scene which should be embraced by all if only he catches on. Great sound and beautiful lyrics.

by: Nicholas Rivers on 2010.11.10 at 22:12

And he puts on a fantastic show too!

by: Dave on 2010.12.23 at 13:45

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